About Us

In the service of humanity we always keep in mind to improve the quality of HUMAN LIFE with enthusiasm and vigour. We at NOVA SCOTIA deeply committed to excellence and quality, work hard to provide the best for our society. We know that every invention, product and breakthrough brought by us for society and well being is powered by our dedication and hard work to provide better quality of products. NOVA SCOTIA develops products that deliver value to customers meets, health needs of patients and improve their Life. Nova Scotia has a very successful track record. Hard work and customer satisfaction is our motto. We want to give a warm welcome to thoroughly professional people in our house.


In the service of humanity, we work each and every day to help people to live their better lives. We discover their potential and help them to achieve their goal to live meaningful life by offering better products and opportunities with us. Our commitment to business excellence and caring for people to become leading pharmaceutical company


Our mission to create healthy, happy and more meaningful life by providing a comprehensive product offering with technology bases health care solution for everyone.


We know that patients rely on NOVA SCOTIA quality products, so we take responsibility seriously from products packing to distribution. We follow ISO-GMP standards of quality and safety for our products. Apart from NOVA SCOTIA, we are running C&F business for Pharmaceutical Products, that is why we have our supply chain process and world class warehouse facility and expertise to handle distribution & Supply Chain to deliver seamless supplies of Medicines in India